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About Us

Little Ollie with a rose

Hello there, I am little Ollie and I like chocolates very much, and of course flowers and gardening. My dad really likes gardening (he is obsessed in fact) and also flowers especially #Nativeflowers. He said they were very unique, hardy and have vibrant colour and textures. My mum, on the other hand, prefers chocolates than having #urbanjungle in our living room but she likes #Peonies and #Lisianthus though. She said they were very delicate but beautiful. So, after having a brick-and-mortar florist for about 10 years, my dad decided to move the business and his passion into Online Store only, just like what everyone else is doing, and also it's easier to manage. In the past 10 years, he has been working so hard (woke up early morning before sunrise and came home when I was about to sleep) to build up the business and provide the best customer experience and services to his loyal customers.

Now since he decided to move his passion and business into Online Store, he has more time for me and for my family. He still works hard and offers his best services and experience to his online customers. His shop offers fresh flowers bouquets and arrangements, preserved dried everlasting flowers arrangements and premium potted plants delivery across Melbourne. He has been very busy in the workroom and also on the road. Hopefully he still remembers his promise to spend more time with me and prioritise me than his customers (I doubt about it though).

Anyway, my dad said he purposely uses my name "Ollie" in his Online Store so that he can always work hard for me and at the same time remember me and my family while he is working. He promises that he would guarantee customer satisfaction with his skills, passion and services.

Lastly, thank you for visiting our Facebook and listening to my story. Hopefully you would continue to support our small business.

p.s: Oops, I forgot to mention that the Shop also provides Wedding and Events flowers, and also Corporate and Subscription flowers